Habits .. yesterday I wrote about habits how it is developed. Why habits are important. ..

Payal Sharma
2 min readJun 9, 2021

In May Abhishek declared let’s do a Blogathon for 30 days . I thought ohh it’s for kids. Don’t know if they will do. Then Abhishek said we are also doing.. Reema, me and Abhishek.. I was in two minds .. will I be able to do it . It was in the second week of May . I was busy planning for my parents 50 th wedding anniversary. We started on 19 th . Still I had not decided whether I will take part , I was questioning myself — will I be able to write? Will I be able to do for 30 days ?

9 pm was the deadline on 19 th to send the blog. 20 th May was the anniversary. My mind was fully engrossed in planning event . Then through the day I saw everyone one by one shared their blog on what’s app.. FOMO.. fearing of missing out came in my mind , what my kids will think ?? Am I setting a good example for them . So I decided ok .. I will take part . I decided at 8.30 and wrote my first blog .. not great but I had satisfaction that I did it and posted at 8.59 .. yippee I did it.. !

So now I have to do for 30 days .. Next day I wrote.. I somehow enjoyed.. then next , then next ! .. so now for writing for first 10 days , it became a habit.. l! for all of us .. for me specifically.. now it has become a part of my routine.. and I am loving it!! If we can forgo the initial inhibition and push ourselves then we can do it ..

Happy blogging to all 😊