Payal Sharma
3 min readJun 15, 2021


I turned 40 !!

New Trendz. 40 th birthday are special birthday. It is considered a big milestone. Neither you are young nor old . But wiser , mature, more settled. It’s an interesting age . So in our friends group started 40 th birthday celebration. Video were made , grand celebration. Then Abhishek turned 40 . He decided to celebrate in Goa .

I always told Abhishek I don’t want to celebrate my 40 th birthday at home . So I thought we will celebrate with friends. and have dinner at nice place .

24 th July was my birthday. Morning I came to know my friends had booked a spa for me . After dropping my kids for school.. Abhishek told me we will have breakfast at Mariott. We had an awesome breakfast at Mariott. Non stop my phone was ringing. Was getting lots of call from my family and friends. Then from there Abhishek dropped me for spa . The day was going perfect. I spent good 3 hour. at the Spa , then hair spa . It was an experience. I came back home around 4. By that time I was enjoying my day , was super happy. Now I thought I will relax and enjoy with my kids . When I came home saw Aryaman was sleeping. Abhishek told me you rest and then we will go out for Movie. I was like no let’s relax at home .

He said no way.. wear your best dress and we all will leave at 6.30 .

He told me we will go to Inorbit mall for movie and dinner. So all 4 of us left. Went to the mall . I said ok let’s go on top floor for movie. Abhishek was like let’s go to HQ restaurant first I am hungry.

I had no clue what was waiting for me . When I saw the restaurant gate will full decorations of 40 th birthday. I thought someone 40 th birthday.

I then saw my full friends gang there . Photograper clicking my picture, all my friends wishing me with flowers. Unbelievable.. I was totally surprised. The place was looking beautiful.

Abhishek had planned everything. I came to know he was planning this since 3 months. I must say he did it beautifully. I had no clue at all . Thank you is a small word for how much he worked hard for my birthday. I know he has never done anything of this kind but just to bring a smile on my face he worked so hard. Inspite of his busy schedule. The perfectionist that he is .. he had planned everything so perfect.

My friend pooja had full written script. Each and every minute of the party was planned. Dance , music, videos from friends and family , perfect food make the evening enjoyable.

My 40 th birthday was my best birthday till now . That memory I still cherish. All thanks to Abhishek. He is the one who worked so hard and planned everything so beautifully.