Learning Style

Payal Sharma
2 min readJun 16, 2021

Every individual has different style of learning.

VAK style of learning was developed by psychologists.

V is Visual . They like to learn through visual presentations, videos, drawings . Fashion designer, media presentation are some profession for them

A is Auditory. They like to learn through lectures, audio, group discussion. Lawyers , lecturers are some of the profession that attracts them

K is kinesthetic..They learn through touch and feel. Hands on learning is for them . They like to feel things with hand . Healer, therapist, baker, chef are some professional for them .

Today I came to know my is Visual learning style. I like to see things. If I go to buy a dress I will see if it looks good on me . Then I will buy . By looking at people’s facial expressions I can make out what they are thinking.

In today’s education system teachers have started to use VAK . So that they can identify students learning style and help them .

Please find your learning style. It is awesome. It gives lot of clarity.. in learning, self awareness, relationships.

Keep learning 👩‍🎓