Payal Sharma
2 min readJun 12, 2021


Life is full of choices. Since childhood we are given choices .. pink or blue , candy or chocolate, you love papa more or mamma .. one is left in dilemma.. which one to choose ?🧐

Then in college we have to choose which stream .. Arts , Commerce, Science. Which college. Which career .. lawyer , doctor, engineer.. choices causes confusion. One is under peer pressure.. still finding oneself..

Then finding life partner.. who will be best for me.. will I hit the jackpot..

Then start earning. Which work should I do ? Which will give me more satisfaction.

Then you become a parent. Always questioning you parenting.. whether I am making the correct choices for my kids .. Constantly we are fighting with our thoughts. Trying to do our best and trying not to make any mistakes.

We all know we will make mistakes, we will fall . If we don’t make mistakes we don’t learn . We have to take responsibility of our choices. In life there are different ways of doing things.. if we choose to do things only in one way we feel stuck, if we have 2 way of doing things then we feel dilemma.. .. 3–4 ways of doing things give us freedom, Choices and flexibility.

Hope you make correct choices in life and enjoy life …