Payal Sharma
1 min readJun 11, 2021


Thank god it’s Friday…

There is something about Friday.. you feel so relaxed after a long week .. kids are so relaxed.. On Friday you feel like enjoying, going out for dinner or call friends for dinner.. we know 2 more days of holiday is still there .. so make the most of it ..

Idle Friday for me is having good food , relaxing evening, watch a good movie.. talk talk and have a good laugh..

Most of our potlucks, dinner used to be on Friday. It is so nice to see kids so relaxed, not worried about homework or going to bed early.. having full fun.

Nowadays we have movie night with kids on Friday . Last Friday we ordered pizza from Lemon krust. Kids love the Margarita pizza and we watched Raya the last dragon. We all loved the movie.These are special moments kids will always remember..

So today we had South Indian dinner. Abhishek made best dosa for dinner for us .. Plan to watch an old movie and talk to our friends..

Everyone have a Fabulous Friday and great weekend.. enjoy 😊