This is a real incident which happened with me when I was a kid.

So we used to stay in Lake Garden. I had lots of friends. Me , my sister, mitil , Rumni, Rajeev.

It was summer vacation. We were mostly out playing in the sun and again play in the evening.

We used to play hide and seek , kho kho , lamb man , badminton. And many more .

We were playing hide and seek . We saw a white Ambassador car parked in our area. It was a close knit locality. Everyone knew each other . We knew this car did not belong to the resident there .

Three four days went but car was still there . We were playing around that car . Suddenly one of our friend tried to open gate of the car and to our surprise lock opened. Curious our friend sat inside the car . We saw a wedding invitation card on the seat. We were wondering what to do ?

We saw phone numbers on that . We called that phone number…

Any guesses what happened

The owner of the car answered the car . They said there is wedding in there family. They had gone to distribute the card from where this car was stolen. They were so happy. We gave the address. They said we will be there in an hour.

They reached and were so happy. Got lots of chocolate pastries for us .

Can you imagine we actually helped someone get there car ..

I was very young that time . I was following my sister and friends.

This story my sister sent to Tinkle also . And they printed it ..

Sharing the pic here